#Juneathon Day 14, more digging, weeding, lopping and planting

Today’s Juneathon effort is gardening. For once this is an activity that even if Juneathon didn’t exist I’d be doing it anyway as after all that wet and a bit of sun the gardens gets delusions of grandeur and tries to go all rainforesty and out of control. So today I;

  • lopped, yes again, bay this time, and the clematis which tries to strangle anything in its path
  • weeded
  • potted on cucumbers and yet more basil
  • swept all the old leaves up to create one enormo bag of leaf mould

The rewards are starting to show themselves, these Iris put in a brief but brilliant performance every year.



This rose produces the darkest, deepest most velvety red roses you’ve ever seen. Also they smell lovely, making me more than happy to wait for them to bloom rather than buy them from florists.


Finally in the annual face-off between me and molluscs I’ve so far won all the pre-season skirmishes. But note the munched leaves dear reader, I suspect the real war is still to come as soon as these babies start blushing.



A run tomorrow, Barbary Boy has even promised to come with me on his bike, ‘just to cheer me along’.

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#Juneathon day 4: Thwarted and Disgruntled

And I am, thwarted and disgruntled. Today I have been looking forward to a swim this evening. It’s been a gorgeous day and I was just imagining pulling through the water. Unlocking my shoulders and feeling a bit more graceful again. I’m not noted for my grace on land, any pretence of elegance has to take place in water for me. However, I’ve been called to a wretched PTA thing instead. Juneathon has instead had to be more gardening, (digging, more lopping, planting out) and a brisk walk into town and back. At least the garden is showing some signs of appreciating my efforts.

I do hope this basil does well, it’s the one herb I really make an effort to cultivate as fresh is incomparable to dried.Image

Do you like my charity shop find today? Three sweet little pots, perfect for holding some blossom and clematis stems.Image

Thanks for reading, Helenx