#Juneathon Day 15, Halfway, halfway!!

Wow, I’m still here! Can’t believe it!

Today’s run was briskly out the door and off to the park. For once I really wanted to do it, is this a minor turning point? 

The park was full of lovely late spring sights, fat and fluffy ducklings, rabbits everywhere and older goslings taking to the air squawking ‘RIGHTEOUS, RIGHTEOUS, YEAH!!’ Or at least, that’s how it seemed.

Running gives you a chance to think how you react as a motorist to runners. Most motorists, to be fair, if they stop so I can cross a busy road do so with a smile and gentle wave. A surprising amount however, dash to a junction, stop with a squeal of brakes and wildly gesticulate at you to cross the road asap as if they had a new heart for the Ayatollah’s grandchild in a coolbox in the boot. (See The West Wing sometime early noughties). Why? Just don’t stop if it’s that much trouble!

Anyway a good run today, 3.5km in 24.05 minutes. Happy days!


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