#Juneathon Day 13, Finally a swim (small lecture enc).

Aaah, swimming; when it comes to running, I’m a novice, a total rookie who needs all the help and encouragement she can get, swimming however is another matter. I love swimming and always have. Just bashing out a few lengths makes me more relaxed than a day at a spa.

Today was my first proper (i.e. no monkeys around) swim since last summer when I broke the big toe. At the time the doctors told me I really shouldn’t swim until it had healed properly. Nothing to do with the injury per se, more that a person capable of smashing up her foot in such a STUPID way couldn’t be trusted on a slippery floor. Frankly, I could see their point. Today however, the foot is all better and I couldn’t wait to get in. 40 lengths later (20 breast stroke, 10 back, 5 front crawl, 5 alternating side stroke) I felt much more myself again than I had done in ages. I’d like to improve the ratio of front crawl as that’s the stroke that really gets the blood pumping, but overall 40 lengths in about 25 minutes is good going. I’d also like to make sure I get a bit better at side stroke. It gets you some funny looks to be sure but it’s a great nipper and tucker of bingo wings and waistlines. Also I like to feel comfortable that I could still tow someone in properly if I had to. As the summer holidays loom something that bugs me every year is just how many parents are comfortable letting their children swim without their supervision. Too often I’ve looked up in a pool and realised that I’m the only adult with about ten excited 8 year-olds around me. Gyms and hotels are in my experience the most likely to be a bit haphazard with their lifeguarding shifts, and also the most likely to have parents in the café rather than the pool. I’m sure most people have seen this article floating around social media, but it’s worth posting again here and well worth a read if you haven’t already, drowning doesn’t look like drowning

And breathe. Sorry are you still there? I swam 1km for my Juneathon effort today and had a good blog rant and feel so much better for both now.

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