#Juneathon Day 12 – A very important day

Today is a very important day, because today is Miss Marmoset’s birthday! There are now no five-or-unders in the house and yes I am a little bit sad, as I always am at the end of my children’s birthdays. Toddler days were some of the best days of my life, I really, really enjoyed them and I still miss them.

However, I’m so very proud of her, particularly as this year she insisted on reading one of her new books to me at bedtime. There is so much exploring and discovering to be done with her, I can’t wait to get started! Image

It was tempting to slack off Juneathon today in honour of one of the most energetic days of my life ever, six years ago, but I managed to get some yoga done. The amount of thunks, cracks, clicks and whirrs from my back and neck assuring me that this was probably the best course of action for today. Also my normally rigid hamstrings appear to be developing a bit of give, as I down-faced dog this evening I was amazed that I can almost get heels to the floor whilst raising bottom high. That nagging achy hips and lower back pain thing is receding too. Give your hamstrings a good stretch gentle reader, it can make your life so much better!

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