#Juneathon Day 11, Sultry Running

Not me, I hasten to add, just the weather out there. I’m still in the mindset that grey equals cold and set off with a light pullover on, only to return looking like a walk-on part in Tenko. It’s a bit muggy out there isn’t it?

Anyway, tonight’s run marks the commencement of two minutes of running to one minute of walking. I won’t lie it was a painful transition, although it did get easier as I went on. Tunbridge Wells is a hilly town which I’m told will help me get fitter, faster, but ouch it’s a bit painful for a rookie!

I managed 3.5kms tonight and Strava apparently approves because it was nice enough to record my run this time. I’ll keep it to 3.5 for the week and aim to up it a little next week.Image


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