#Juneathon Day 7, the nick of time…

I’m starting to feel embarrassed about how many ‘proper’ athletes there are doing Juneathon, but for what it’s worth here are my exercise efforts for today:

  • a two hour nature ramble with Barbary Boy this morning. Technically this should be an example of terrible parenting as I was supposed to be dropping him off for a visit to a local forest with the rest of his class. However there are two car parks for the forest in question and I appear to be the only parent familiar with the other car park. Cue 40 minutes looking for the another 30 kids before I give up and suggest we just ramble through the woods ourselves. Actually it was lovely, I rarely get BB to myself for any period of time and we had a grand time walking, discovering and both of us relishing a bit of ‘wagging it’. The teacher was very understanding.
  • Lugging. It’s the summer fete tomorrow and I dutifully spent a good 90 minutes heaving tables, chairs and benches about the school field in set-up mode. I must admit for someone who’s always shied away from the idea of weights, it did make me wonder if I should explore it a bit more. I’m not very strong, and I do worry a bit about bone health in my future.

Tomorrow is unlikely to see any formal exercise, although I will still be ‘on the go’ all day. Is this stretching Juneathon too far?

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5 thoughts on “#Juneathon Day 7, the nick of time…

  1. I certainly don’t think you should feel embarrassed. 2 hours of woodland walking & the impromptu “weights” session is all good exercise. As for “proper athletes” anyone who puts themselves forward for Juneathon is by rights an athlete, we’re all in it together, supporting each other, doesn’t matter what our starting points were. Looking forward to seeing what exercise you manage to fit into your hectic day tomorrow.

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