#Juneathon Day 6, Well hello, hamstrings…

After my happy run yesterday I woke up this morning feeling a bit stiff and achy. It felt as if all the muscles in the backs of my legs and hips had all knitted together overnight. Typically I’ve embraced running without embracing the essential stretching that should go with it. So tonight’s effort has been all about Yoga. You can work up a good puff with yoga, when I remember to stretch before and after a run it’s usually a few warming up sun salutations before a run and a few after a run. Starting slow and speeding up, then starting fast and slowing down.

Tonight I did 10 sun salutation both sides, some spine twists, a few triangles (I’d really like my waist to nip in a bit more) and some hip openers. I genuinely feel well exercised and more comfy in my own skin than I did this morning.

Now I’m going to have a beer.

Thanks for reading, 



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