#Juneathon Day 5, Happy Running

I’m mildly surprised to find I’m still here, still keen and actually starting to make a little bit of progress. For the first time today, (particularly on the downhill bits), I had a real sense of fun while running; a moment of childish energy that made me feel as if I could sprint up the next hill. Naturally I can’t kid myself that I could sprint up a hill, and I was glad of my scheduled walk breaks, but still, like a really good kiss at the end of a first date, it made me excitedly ponder what other joys there might be to come.

If I stick with it of course.

If any regular readers are wondering what happened to the slothful, sofa-bound, cake-eating stitchy woman who usually inhabits this page, I am still here, and about to pick up some gorgeous little ditzy Liberty hexies. Hopefully I’ll have something to show you by the beginning of next week.



Thanks for reading,



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