A rather sedate day two of Juneathon…

…that being said however, I’m shattered! Firstly I’m solo parenting today as the lovely Kiwi is at some cycling thingy over in West Sussex. Let’s be clear, solo parenting is serious exercise, (as anyone who’s ever done it will testify), solo parenting on the last day of the holidays with two highly reluctant to return to school monkeys, requires the kind of stamina and endurance usually found only amongst those training for ironmen events 🙂

Today there has been:

  • cycling out in the street
  • sprints out in the street
  • a whole lot of gardening, specifically lopping. Lots of lopping.
  • sticking and painting with a 5 year old (yes I’m completely comfortable calling this exercise, anyone who doubts it hasn’t done it)
  • yomping around the park

Don’t tell me none of this counts as formal ‘exercise’ my back doesn’t care to hear it!

Proper run again tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,



3 thoughts on “A rather sedate day two of Juneathon…

  1. Juneathon has seen it all. From ‘proper’ exercise to the ‘dressing gown dash’! Looking after energetic kids certainly counts…well done!

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