First run of #Juneathon done!

And blogged before 10 am. Will I keep this up – I suspect we all know the answer to that!

I’m using a running programme from the June issue of Women’s Running. I started earlier in the week but I think I’ll repeat the first week as a) I’m a lot less fit than I thought and b) half term school holidays doesn’t really help. So one day down, 29 to go and the sun is shining. Today will be a good day. Stats are here for those interested, I confess at this stage I’m still more interested in the calories burned bit than anything else.


Frankly, Juneathon has come at the perfect time, half term has been gloomy and there’s been a big resurgence of this action…



At least it cheered up at the end, clouds of cow parsley and poppetting poppets.



Thanks for reading,




One thought on “First run of #Juneathon done!

  1. Well done Helen! Gorgeous looking blog btw, makes me want to swap over from clunky old blogger to WP 🙂 Good luck with the rest of Juneathon!

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