Bear with, bear with…

Apologies for the long delay in posting anything again. I don’t kid myself that anyone is hanging out waiting for words of wisdom from me (they’d have gone away disappointed a looong time ago!), but I know that some friends and family like to occasionally check in to see what we’re all up to.

These last few months have been a bit tricky to be honest. This isn’t meant to be one of those cryptic woe-is-me type posts. But there have been some disappointments to contend with and new realities to deal with. For the time being my emotional energy has been ploughed into other non-bloggy or crafty activities but I hope that will be coming to an end now. Certainly it feels and looks a bit more spring-like and that helps. We are all well and fighting fit. I’m sure I’ll have more to say after I’ve dusted off my sewing machine and running shoes again.

Thanks for calling by and please if you have a blog do leave a link, lack of current interest in my own blog hasn’t left me uninterested in anyone else’s!