Been a while…

Ooops, I appear to have a taken a bit of a blog break again. There’s no major reason for it, life has pottered on and me with it. There are heaps of things started…

Like these prettyish bits of lemon and lilac patchwork (doll quilt? hottie cover? who knows?)


These cushion covers are fresh outta the quilting hoop (and as such a bit wrinkly, don’t judge me please!)


Winter has seen a whole heap of progress on the diamond hexies…


And yet for all that stitchy effort only one finished item to show, the Octagon Sham, and even that was started in an entirely different house!


This is probably not the time to go falling in love with a different craft – and yet, the knitting needles, they are calling me again.


Do you have times when you’re better at starting than finishing? Do come back in a years time, with luck I’ll have finished a pin cushion by then!

Thanks for reading,




9 thoughts on “Been a while…

  1. Being better at starting than finishing is the story of my whole life…. But I see some lovely things here (and maybe some scraps from my various scrap swaps!), so you’d better finish them up!

    • Thank you! I must say I love the diamond hexies – so much I’m in no hurry to actually finish, which is just as well really! I’m trying to knit my son a hat by following a pattern. It’s not going that well to be honest, I’ve only ever knitted scarves before, but I really want to do this!

    • Thank you! I like the octagons more now they’re finished than I did in progress, I think that Liberty needlecord binding brought it together – even though it broke two sewing machine needles getting it sewn on!

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