Toe-woe and dicky hip, I’m falling apart at 37.

Janathon has slowed right down for me, if anyone has been reading over the last few weeks my fractured toe has been an increasing source of discomfort. To add insult to injury after a couple of hours of gardening on Sunday, (Sunday’s Janathon effort), I developed such bad pain in my right hip I could hardly walk let alone run. My hips and lower back have been a, (mainly), background problem ever since I was pregnant with Barbary Boy eight years ago. I had a ‘front’n’centre’ style of bump, which whilst looking very neat put huge pressure on my pelvis and lower back. For the most part it wears itself off as indeed it has done by this evening, but when it strikes – yowsers! It hurts SO much and feels as if someone needs to get hold of my leg and yank it back into position. In terms of fitness it’s a reminder that I need to be swimming more, nothing else loosens me up in quite the same way. I will get back into running though – someone with dicky hips and a family history of muscular-skeletal problems needs to build up bone density and strength now I think. As for the toe, alas, I’m told it will never have the flex it used to and to try some anti-inflammatory gel. Still, at least it didn’t need breaking again.

To happier things, here is the quilt I made for my parents Christmas presents. Another big thank you to my lovely Dad for photographing it for me, (I am missing my camera so much). It’s made from an Arcadia Layer Cake and the pattern comes from the Moda Bake shop here. The colours fit perfectly with their new sofas, always a relief when you’re matching colour by memory. I would love to make them a slightly more ornate quilt in time, but this is a good start and perfect for winter snuggling!



My Scrappy trip along has also slightly paused for the moment, as I emerge from a slightly crazed ‘slice, dice, SEW!’ frame of mind to consider I didn’t really want to make another quilt at the moment. I can see these turning into large floor cushions for the monkeys. Our bean bag is both ancient and sad and could do with a well-earned rest. Image

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4 thoughts on “Toe-woe and dicky hip, I’m falling apart at 37.

  1. Wow, you have seriously been in the wars…. hope it’s gradually improving.. Take it easy… Gorgeous quilt, and I am liking that crazy scrappy stuff you have going on there. Floor cushions sound like a great idea..

  2. Are you really sure you don’t want to make another quilt? That scrappy trip along is looking very lovely …!
    Sorry to hear about the toe and hip trouble, and hope the swimming does the trick! That’s the only exercise I attempt these days – relaxing for mind and body and I don’t pay for it the next day!

  3. Wow, your quilts/floor cushions are lovely. Im quilting for the first time and have made 2 (one for each of my neices in NZ) following the Cratfsy block of the month for last year. Its kept me sane through my brief peroid of unemployment. I have yet to finish them off (need a ‘walking foot’ for my machine. I hope you get your fitness back soon (I have sicatica and know how tiring back pain can be), swimming is wonderfully good as it supports the joints. Dont try and push youself, your body will let you know when its ready.

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