#Janathon days, erm where are we now?

Janathon has slowed right down this week, suspiciously in line with plummeting temperatures. After Monday’s run I was busy and I realise active every day. I walk to and from work, about three miles a time, I never take the bus or car if it’s under two miles and I physically do a fair bit. The interesting thing is I thought I needed to do Janathon because I needed to do more formal sport but now I analyse what I’m doing I realise I’m pretty active as it is. However, that’s not to say that a bit more formal sport wouldn’t come in handy. I’ve always said that I have no problem with my weight – but I would like a bit more muscle tone and some more strength and frankly formal sport is the only way that’s going to happen.

So – it is off to the doctor tomorrow for a bit of toe analysis (it’s hurt progressively as I’ve tried to run these last two weeks) also for a niggly hip, which has bugged me for years. Daft as it sounds I tend to just note the niggles and work round them rather than getting anything checked out – the lovely Kiwi gets very cross with me.

This weekend’s Janathon offering has been spent hacking and clearing in the garden. It may not seem much, but it definitely feels as if some serious exercise has happened.

Hopefully I’ll be more active next week, perhaps a return to the swimming pool is in order…


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