#Janathon day 7. Cool Runnings

We’ll draw a veil over yesterday’s lack of Janathon effort. Unless you count scrappy children separating or linen folding in which case I excelled myself. Today is the beginning of week two of the running programme, run 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes repeat 4 times. Admittedly it was a slightly longer route than it should have been, due to forgetting the monkeys PE kit bags this morning. Thus after a hasty scuttle to school to drop them off I set off, straight up a nasty little hill. Really the distance between running for 2 minutes and 3 minutes when you’re beginning to run feels enormous. I know it will settle down in time but I was so glad of the walking breaks today. Still, I got there in the end, 3 miles including the school diversion, pleasantly breathless, proper Pantone magenta of face.

I thought I should start to show you my Christmas makes, there’s a teeny problem with pictures at the moment, in that I’ve left my camera in the Midlands with my parents. My Dad however is kindly leaping into breach and taking pics of the things I made that are up there. Here’s a big, fat, squishy cushion for my little nieceling, Milly. Regular readers may remember her quilt from last year. Here as requested is a hand quilted cushion to match. It’s a great block to use if you’re having a New Year scrap use up, as so many of us seem to be this year. The tute is here if you fancy a go.


Hopefully I’ll have figured out how to get pictures off my phone before February – or this could get very dull, very quickly!

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2 thoughts on “#Janathon day 7. Cool Runnings

  1. If you have a smart-phone there is a really easy way to do it. Install drop box on the phone and computer, and it can auto-sync them.

    If not, chances are good that if you plug it in to your computer, you can get at teh pictures just by going to “my computer” and it will be listed. Just access it like any other drive by double-clicking on it. Photos are probably in a folder called DCIM

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