#Janathon day 5; Running is not all about your legs…

I ran, ran, ran! It was SO much easier than New Year’s Day too, it just goes to show a vat of brie and a pint of merlot is not great pre-exercise fuel, (nothing but quality tips here folks). It was just another 2.5 mile run/walk but I felt less hellish on the running part. Next week I will start the programme proper! Embarrassingly I caught sight of myself in a window as I was running. I don’t know if other people analyse their running style, but I seem to keep my arms clamped tightly to my sides. I look as if I’m engaged in some sort of Run for Riverdance event. Mincing little steps – rigid upper body. The difference it made when I freed my arms to power up a couple of little hills was enormous! Arms are good – duly noted 🙂

The Christmas Tree is down and once again the living room looks strangely naked. Barbary Boy is rather relieved I think, he needs a return to the usual routine, but Miss Marmoset is absolutely disconsolate. I’m with her, hate this grey time of year.

Still there are New Year’s resolutions to be considered – have you made any this year? I try not to make ‘negative’ resolutions of the ‘I will lose weight/not drink/not smoke/shave my shins more often’ variety. I really don’t think starting the year saying you don’t like who you currently are is very motivating. I usually just try adding some good stuff, in the hope it will make me want to do more good stuff. I actually have quite a good track record at keeping resolutions with this in mind, so here we go for this year:

  • This year I will play more with the monkeys, screen time is a horribly easy habit for all of us to slip into, particularly as the weather has been so bad this year.
  • I will move more this year – running, swimming, cycling, walking all that – and if I don’t enjoy them, I’ll find something else I enjoy doing more 🙂
  • I will stop only making things for other people and try and develop my crafty skills for myself. It’s not that I dislike making things for friends and family you understand I love it, it’s just that I don’t seem to get much time to work on my own ideas – or develop skills. As an addendum to this I’ll also work on giving a polite but firm ‘no’ to some of the ‘could you just run up..’ requests that come from school.
  • I will ask for help more often. I forget to do this all the time, take on more, get overwhelmed, then grumpy, it’s easily done. 

So those are my resolutions – would love to hear yours!

Thanks for reading,




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