#Janathon day 4

Today’s Janathon effort involved running like a loon round the park with the smalls. We’ve raced over the assault course, done a lot of upper body strength building as I lift Miss Marmoset on and off the zip-wire, and played crocodile and pirates. Which is essentially me being the crocodile chasing the ‘pirates’ when they’re foolish enough to venture off their ‘ship’. It was lots of fun but yes, I have to acknowledge the foot is not happy – I’ve made an appointment to see the doctor next week. I’m hoping it’ll be a physio thing and it won’t have to be re-broken, but at the moment compared to the other foot I have about 20% movement in my big toe. Clearly it’s a bit of a problem when running.


In happier non-toe related news, the scrappy trip along is up to two whole blocks! I’m unconvinced that it doesn’t just look like a fabric train smash at the moment, perhaps when I see a few more blocks together it’ll suddenly leap to life!


Thanks for reading,




2 thoughts on “#Janathon day 4

  1. Ouch! Good luck with the toe. I hope it’s fixed easily.

    The new blog looks great! Are you settling in well to your new virtual home?

    Look forward to seeing your scrappy creation!

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