Welcome to alwaysfindahappyplace!

Thank you if you’ve made the jump over from Posterous! I have moved the blog over here as unfortunately Posterous was getting harder and harder to use. Ever since it changed ownership in the summer it kept crashing, losing posts, not publishing pictures etc etc. So I decided that some changes had to be made. I’m a bit nervous about WordPress and I’ve had to slightly change the blog name, but I’m told by the technical support desk (the lovely Kiwi) that I won’t regret this. Let us hope so!

Day 3 of Janathon was nothing more demanding than another brisk trot to work and back. Another approx 2.5 miles at a fair clip. Normally I would be hoping for a run tomorrow, however there’s a bit of a cloud on the horizon. The big toe I fractured way back in August is still hurting, moreover it won’t bend at all. A trip to the doctors is clearly in order again, if only to stop the prognostications of everyone around me. Let’s hope I can see Janathon out OK.

On the stitchy front, all presents were made, in the nick of time and happily received by their recipients. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of them at all, so have had to commission my Dad to take some in daylight for me. Assuming that is, that we ever get daylight again. It’s been gloomy for so long. I’ll show you as soon as I can. In the meantime, giddy with the joy of having nothing to finish for anyone else, I’ve joined a quilt a long. Have you seen the gorgeous Scrappy Trips Around the World quilts? Come and join in, it’s really satisfying!

Sorry this is a picture-free last few posts – when I’ve figured out how to insert photos, I will!

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