First run of the year done!

Whoop! Although running after an evening of excessive brie eating and wine guzzling clearly isn’t ideal. Still I managed the first run of my programme taken from here…

I feel good for my run, why don’t other runners smile? In fact it seems to me, the fancier the kit the less cheery the runner, can tight ham strings pull the lower half of your face down?

And the sun shone, meant to be 😉


Thanks for reading,




3 thoughts on “First run of the year done!

  1. Hello Helen! Thanks for reading my blog – and Well Done for your first run of the year. You’re so right about unhappy runners… I always try to force a smile on my face even when feeling like a sweaty beetroot – I think it tricks the whole body into feeling happier!

  2. Thank you both! Yes definitely plenty grumpy runners – but they were all practically Christopher Biggins compared to the cyclists 😉

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