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I’m going to have a crack at Janathon this year. Since I broke my big toe last summer I’ve done very little exercise, and while I’m still lucky I don’t need to lose weight. I could do with redistributing what I have!
The rules are here, and although I won’t be running every day (January is way too early in the year to set myself up for a blindingly obvious imminent fail), I will dig my running shoes out and see if the foot will let me gingerly jog on it. I’ll be walking, gardening, frisbee playing, cycling and yogaing – well I have nothing to lose but a bit of wobble 🙂
Fancy joining in?
Thanks for reading,

OK I’ll now concede it’s Christmas…

Before anyone considers me guilty of Grinchy behaviour, let me just wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

It’s that time of year, when I realise I should have started the festive sewing back in September. When I both can’t wait for the monkeys to finish school yet simultaneously wish they could stay there and be occupied for a bit longer whilst I run round in full-on festive frazzled mode. When I’m both looking forward to the New Year and wishing we could rewind a bit to a year ago. It’s all on here, I imagine it is with you too.


We have decked the halls and sent our cards. I have finally finished a couple of things for swaps and bees, this bear paw block is for my month in the Anything Goes Quilt Bee and the Christmas stocking and decs are off to Fiona in Cardiff, my swap partner in Undomesticated Scientist’s Christmas Stocking swap. The embroidery is one of Carina’s gorgeous designs. I had such fun stitching this up I can see I’m going to want to make a festive tablecloth with the tree as a recurring motif at some point. The snowflake decorations turned out to be a bit more military looking than I had intended, perhaps they reflect my current martial mentality towards Christmas. Fiona, who is clearly more organized than I am, sent a beautiful stocking and some lovely treats a couple of weeks ago. There were fabric bits which will become diamond hexies in due course, lovely smellies and plenty chocolate (all gone – NOM, just like that).
Finally I have found a use for these velvet ‘roses’ I created last year but didn’t get round to using.
I love the look of Rose Wreaths on doors as Christmas time, but I’m very much against non-seasonal flowers, ever since reading Lia’s excellent blog post about it here. I adore roses sure, but I can wait until they supposed to be blooming in my garden and hope that at Christmas time, these velvet ones will convey the rosy message. It’s more of broom than a wreath for us this year, but I’m happy with it, both the with the flowers and assorted greenery (and brownery) from the garden.
I think it’s pointless kidding myself that I’ll get to post before the New Year, but just to say a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone who is kind enough to come and read my wafflings. Please leave a note to let me know you’ve been – particularly if you have a blog too! 

With much festive love and thanks for reading,