A refusal to rattle through the seasons


It’s autumn, still, defiantly autumn, and although it’s getting increasingly chilly and I’m fully aware of what it’s beginning to look a lot like, while we have the occasional day like this I’ll hang on tight to autumn.


There is more stitchy stuff to show than this post would have you credit, but it’s all top secret shhhhh stuff. I have however started to fall for knitting in a way I never thought I would. I knitted up this scarf for Barbary Boy, who has flatly refused to wear it so far. I’m not too offended as he has a real thing about having anything around his neck. In fact it practically takes all three other members of the family to get his school tie on him every morning. If it gets as cold as it did last winter – he’ll wear it I’m sure. However the process of knitting this up was a joy, I haven’t attempted purl since my grandmother taught me as a child and I’m SO proud of this little effort. Is there a way to untubify though? I’ve tried wetting and stretching it flat but it just rolls up again. Knitting – it could become a new thing. Can anyone recommend any good simple books for knitting children’s things or accessories?
Autumn textures, woollies and leaves, we can leave the glitter and fake snow just a little bit longer still can’t we?


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2 thoughts on “A refusal to rattle through the seasons

  1. Well, I’m certainly no expert but I can give you a few tips. Stocking stitch will always curl up at the edges like that – what you can do is start and end every row with a few knit stitches (even on the purl rows) so that you create a garter stitch “border” and that should stop it curling. No books to recommend but I did teach myself to knit socks so you’re very welcome to come and have a knitting session if you like! knittinghelp.com is a good website for help – they have lots of little videos showing you various techniques.
    Rachel xxx

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