Snuggly stitching attempt 3*

It’s chilly isn’t it? And although I’m aware that me bleating about a bit of a cold snap in early autumn is a bit out of place when so many people are experiencing truly awful wild weather, I’m still pretty disgruntled at being so bundled up so early in the autumn. 

So it is time to turn to some cosier stitching. In this house I do most of my sewing in the conservatory, which can be roasting hot in summer and freezing in winter. I was hoping to get another month’s evening stitching use out of it but I realised the other evening I could huff and steam my breath in there so retreated to the sofa with the diamond hexies. Mercifully this EPP odyssey is now big enough to cover my knees which does make for a much cosier evening stitching on all the diamond hexies I constructed during the summer holidays. It is growing and I love having a project I don’t feel under any pressure to finish. A little bit here, a little bit there, paper piecing istherapy, honestly everyone should try it!

That’s not to say that the sewing machine will now be out of action until spring however, it may just need a change of scene. I have managed rustle up a couple of simple Liberty needlecord skirts for Miss Marmoset. I love the prints, bought from the very reasonably priced and super swift delivering Sew Box. I’m particularly pleased with the edging of the red skirt, the lace gives it a little lift and you just get the occasional flash of blue as little Miss M dashes about the place. 


I’m off to throw myself face-first into the autumnal comforts of a jacket potato – what are you stitching up this autumn?

*Posterous has turned all photography critic this afternoon – do hope you can see the pics now 🙂

Thanks for reading,

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