October is a curious month…

…one moment you’re still remembering and slightly mourning the summer which seems like it’s only just passed. 

This cushion is made with the lovely printed linen I bought from the vintage fabric shop on holiday. It’s my first experiment with piping, and while it isn’t perfect I’m not discouraged.It did make me wish the summer was still with us, but as my Mum would be the first to point out, you can’t really pine for something you never really had can you?

Next moment you’ve started on the Christmas sewing and the children are penning their first, (terrifyingly long), missives to Father Christmas.
A teeny-tiny sneak peak of some Christmas pressie sewing – naturally this is the last thing I can show until January!

Like Kipper (one of my favourite go-to philosophers) says, ‘October is an orangey-brown month’. It climbs out of the last days of summer and around about now….WHOOSH! I’ll be wishing all my reader’s happy new year before I know it!


Thanks for reading,

2 thoughts on “October is a curious month…

  1. Ahh, you gotta love Kipper! If it’s any consolation, J insisted I find Father Christmas’s email address today so he could send him an email! Lovely cushion, by the way, very impressed with the piping.
    R xxx

  2. Big fans of Kipper here too! I’m also a big fan of Autumn, but I do think the end of the year seems to gather pace. The cushion is gorgeous, and I love how the piping picks up the yellowy-orange from the cushion.

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