Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow


Now how does this happen? We go through the entire summer holidays without a moment to myself and manage to get ‘stuff’ done. As soon as I get the poppets back to school I expect things to slow down a little, and yet it hasn’t happened. I seem to be busier than usual. Don’t get me wrong – that’s the way I like things, but I don’t seem to have got much finished recently. 

There’s this red and aqua cushion now on the sofa looking lovely and being very squishy and comfy indeed but not much else to show. Miss Marmoset’s hourglass quilt is nearly finished, after my terrible first attempt at straight-line quilting, it got ripped straight out in frustration. Hand-quilting wasn’t working for me, so now we’re onto wiggle line quilting and it’s fairly sung through the machine. Pics next time, I promise.

One of the reasons for the lack of stitchy ta-daas is that I’m now definitely hard on the search for a job. It’s been great being at home with the children while they were little, but now they’re both so happy and settled at school I find I’m often drumming my fingers during the day. I’m really ready for the next stage and feel I have a lot to offer an employer if I can get my foot back in the door somewhere. It’s tough out there right now as every news report is at great pains to remind us. I’m not daunted however, I’ve written myself an action plan and I’m feeling positive. I’ll keep you posted, but it feels as if a new phase in life is starting for me and I’m really excited to get on and embrace it!

The other reason for a recent slow down is physical – I fractured my big toe just a few days after my last blog post. It hurt – lots. Really it’s only now almost a month later I can comfortably get my foot back on the sewing-machine pedal. It’s still too swollen to wear any of my usual shoes so I’m stomping around the place in my walking boots – desperately trying to channel a ‘hearty/outdoorsy yet chic’ look – and yes failing dismally I suspect. I am missing doing my usual things, walking for too long is uncomfortable and it goes without saying I can’t run right now. The moral of this sorry story is simple – try not to fight with your occasional furniture, some spare beds are tougher than they look!

Thanks for reading,