Barbary Boy is seven. 

Usually when my monkeys have their birthday I spend some time ruminating on the speed of time and where did my babies go? This year I was looking at BB on his birthday and had a bit of a shock as I realised I was looking at a really real boy. Don't panic I wasn't under the impression I'd given birth to Pinocchio or anything, but there was something about him this year. Maybe it's his new big boys haircut – or those missing front teeth, or those legs and arms which suddenly seem both incredibly long and absolutely everywhere. Perhaps it's the change in presents he wanted – we're shifting away from toys, the most successful pressies this year were board games and books. After years of getting fed-up of Lightning Mcqueen and the rest of the Radiator Springs bunch having to be touted around with us everywhere I'm thrilled he still cares enough to want some new cars for his collection. My wee man is now a proper little boy, and the times, they are a-changing. It's clear we are entering into a whole new era with Barbary Boy and I am excited for him and, if I'm really honest a bit emotional. The baby days are certainly over and I'm sure big adventures lie ahead. For all of us *gulps*.

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One thought on “Seven

  1. Happy birthday to him! Hope you all had a good day. And I know where you are coming from, my 2 will be 9 this year, and I can only *just* still pick them up….

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