Sumer is icumen in…

And about ruddy time too. (Sorry, ‘loud singe cukoo’).

June seems to have taken on a momentum of its own this year. We’ve had Jubilees and trips to see family, birthdays and very-welcome visitors from far, far, away, school fete’s and class trips, encounters with Barbary Boy’s tonsils and the determined resurgence of pollen after the rains. Phew! Just seeing it all written down reminds me of how much there’s been going on recently. Fortunately the garden has also been as busy as we have, the roses are out and even the sweet peas are starting to flower. I’d also be proud of the strawberry crop if it wasn’t fuelling the largest population of slugs I’ve ever seen. Mass-molluscicide will commence next week, unless I can persuade some hedgehogs to take up residence sharpish.
Stitchery has taken a back seat for a bit. All I’ve been doing is tackling a little bit of embroidery in the evenings: meditative therapy at its finest. The pattern is Fresh Blooms from Polka and Bloom. It’s so pretty and such a calming way to wind down of an evening.


Here’s to a period of calm before school breaks-up for summer.

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One thought on “Sumer is icumen in…

  1. Beautiful flowers and pretty stitching… lovely! We have lots of strawbs too, but squirrels are nibbling them all…!

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