Sunshine days

The days are gorgeous right now. All that miserable wretched rain has passed, the monkeys have regained their health, (and with it my sanity), and the world feels full of possibilities again.

Time to broaden my horizons with a trip into London with my friend Jenny to see this wonderful exhibition; Designing Women Post War British Textiles. Featuring work by designers such as Lucienne Day, Jacqueline Groag and Mary White the exhibition was slightly revelatory for me. So much of the design from that period I had always taken for being American or Scandinavian, so to see these beautiful, striking designs and realise they were British was extraordinary. I really can’t recommend it enough and if you can get there before it ends on the 16th June you definitely, definitely should. I’ve never visited the Fashion and Textile Museum before but I’ll definitely be back, it’s a wonderful little museum and they have some great looking workshops there too.
Home to ponder some new projects and progress on the WIPS. Here is Miss Marmoset’s new Hourglass quilt top. All pieced but still lacking borders – apologies for the terrible photo I thought it would turn out splendidly as it really looked as if we were about to get a belter of a storm, (you know that wonderful light that appears just before a storm?), but it seems a bit washed out instead. After six years of fiddling and experimenting my camera remains an enigma to me.


This week has seen me pricking out and potting on until I’ve run out of pots, compost and fingernails. I’m now at that uneasy stage torn between hoping all my seedlings survive their transition and being terrified that they will. In which case you can expect plenty giveaways of basil, tomato and pepper plants over the summer months.

I hope the sun is shining on you.

Thanks for reading,

One thought on “Sunshine days

  1. Hi Helen love your hour glass.
    I love to see quilts outdoors!
    Just waiting for some better weather for mine.
    ps the lupins are wrecked, but now I have builders in so never mind xx

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