Armadillo sits on pillow…

Under a willow 

munching a marshmallow…

I won’t labour the point for anyone (like me) who finds a little of Dr Seuss can go an awfully long way, it’s literary wasabi as far as I’m concerned. Barbary Boy however is a huge fan and is delighted with his new oversized squishy cushion to curl up on his bed and read his favourite books. Currently not Seuss but Roald Dahl, because you can guarantee that as soon as I’ve invested in fabric to reflect a favourite that favourite will instantly change. Still he looks pleased with it, which is probably about as much constructive criticism I can reasonably expect from a six year-old boy.
The cushion was basically a ‘make it up as I go’ job. I thought the improvised nature with lots of bold brights would suit the subject matter. I was originally planning to make the back very simple with an envelope closing but made the fatal mistake of asking the lovely Kiwi for his opinion. He thought I should make a randomly patched back to match the style of the front and insert a  zip instead. Zips and I don’t get on terribly well, but after much swearing (the monkeys were at school I promise), I finally got one in. It’s not the neatest closing ever, but it was a good lesson in using the hitherto untouched zipper foot. Also a salutary reminder to never, ever ask the lovely Kiwi’s opinion on stitching projects again – he always has notions far above my patience and expertise levels!
These little hourglass blocks are far more in keeping with my usual style. They’re also highly addictive to make. Miss Marmoset after all, really doesn’t need another quilt, but these pinky/purpley blocks appear to be almost making themselves! If you fancy having a go yourself I’m using this wonderful tutorial over at Red Pepper Quilts and trying to kid myself that if I follow all the instructions exactly my quilt will be as beautiful as one of Rita’s. I very much doubt it!
It’s Friday it’s Friday! Have a wonderful weekend and lets hope the dreadful drought (pfft!) holds off just a little so we can get outside a bit this weekend.

Thanks for reading,

4 thoughts on “Armadillo sits on pillow…

  1. Fabulous cushion! I must confess that we are big Dr Seuss fans in this house. I love the multi-coloured handquilting (and the back does look pretty fab too!) We must try and get together for a catch up soon – let me know when you’re free.
    R x

  2. Thanks Rach! I have been thinking of you and Jo lots this week and wondering how the Home Schooling was going! Yes please let’s get together soon, let me know what sort of times are good for you as I imagine your days are a bit busier now šŸ™‚

  3. Hi Helen thanks for your lovely comment,
    I love the vibrancy of these cushions, I know what you mean about the dreaded zipper foot, it either goes well or not at all!!

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