Every day baking

I’m no Domestic Goddess, (whatever that over-used, faintly snide term means), but I do love baking. I put this down to way back when in the mists of time I used to have a proper, real job. One that paid a, (fairly meagre but still), salary and meant I got to wear lipstick every day and go to the loo on my own. Part of that job was editing the occasional book; cookery and children’s books. The cookery books, I was handed purely on the basis (I’m sure) that one day I turned up with a home-made birthday cake for a colleague. Baking has always been something I love to do, and I bake, I think probably every week for my little family.

The only thing is – the range is nowhere near as extensive as it used to be. My days of whipping up a smoked salmon quiche for supper seem as distant as freshly applied lippy and solo bathroom visits. We are pretty much down to muffins – normally blueberry, Anzac cookies, banana bread and a chocolate/coconut sponge that apparently hails from Australia and is knows (of course) as Boomerang cake. 

Today’s diversion from the norm started with these two unusually perfect pears. I say unusually perfect because it’s incredibly rare I find a pear that’s anywhere between bullet hard or schmush, but today was that happy day. With the assistance of my two delightful, accommodating and maddening sous chefs, I produced a batch of pear and ginger muffins and a loaf of banana bread. The picture of the fruits of our labour is a bit muted due to the weather changing from dazzling sunlight to pitch dark from minute to minute today.
Baking is great for children, I think Barbary Boy has already a better grasp of cookery in general than the lovely Kiwi and Miss Marmoset is just so keen to try everything. What I do need to do now though is broaden everyone’s horizons a bit. For no other reason than the head chef, (still me, although I dream of the day there’ll be competition for the title), is bored to tears with the rotation of four we’ve fallen into. Do you have any favourite family recipes? I would love to hear of any you’d like to pass on!

Happy Easter everyone and as always, thanks for reading.




5 thoughts on “Every day baking

  1. How sweet are your sous chefs!! Laughed out loud at going to the loo on your own. I always wondered how childminders manage.

    Our staples here are oat cookies with chocolate chips and ginger cake. We also stretch to the occasional jam tart and cheese straw.

    Love the patchwork pillow in your header by the way, very pretty.

  2. I too have a fairly limited repertoire of baking recipes that I turn to again and again, but they are different from the ones you’ve mentioned so I’ll gladly jot them down and pass them on next time I see you. Your sous chefs are so cute! Mine tend to wander off until I mention that it’s time to lick the bowl!
    R x

  3. Ah, they look like adorable sous-chefs! I think you shouldn’t knock your repertoire: muffins are deceptively tricky and must not be overbeaten, so if you’re got the knack, that’s something. I’ve never had much luck with them myself, being by nature over-thorough.

    After over 8 years of baking agony, our dreadful oven has (joy of joys) just been replaced with something decent and so I’m definitely collecting recipes. πŸ™‚

  4. How pleased do they look?! I love baking too, but my kids are deeply disinterested… they are prepared to put currants on their favourite gingerbread men, but that’s all… Our faves to eat here are homemade digestives and banana and apple bread – I seem to make them all the time.

  5. Thank you all πŸ™‚ I can see we are going to have to set up a recipe exchange! Hope you’ve all enjoyed lovely Easters. xx

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