The end of term report

School breaks-up for the Easter holidays on Friday. With her usual dark sense of humour, Mother Nature has scheduled the unseasonal March heat wave to come to an abrupt halt first thing on Saturday morning. 

Weather complaints aside the holidays can’t come soon enough. The monkeys have spent this week on the edge of outright exhaustion; Barbary Boy goes for silence, punctuated by occasional outbursts of crossness. Miss Marmoset is both owl-eyed and prone to sudden unexpected bouts of wailing, ‘I saw a beeeeeeeeee!’. 
I am looking forward to adventures and fun with them these holidays. In many ways they develop so quickly during term time, (Miss Marmoset is reading a bit, Barbary Boy is immersed in learning about electrical circuits), we need the holidays to remind all of us that they are still only four and six years old.

I won’t be doing much in the way of stitchery whilst they’re off – they are both unnervingly interested in my lovely Janome, but I do have some projects for finishing at a gentle pace in the evenings. First up is this Dr Seuss pillow cover for Barbary Boy. Barbary Boy doesn’t get an enormous amount of sewn things from me. But he has approved a big, comfy reading pillow for quietly snuggling up in his room with a pile of Encyclopaedias, Animal Atlases and Dr Seuss books. I’ve chopped up a Dr Seuss panel and added various solids, some pindots and some lovely linen. The linen is a dream to sew with, especially now I’ve learned that a touch of starch before sewing stops it squirming under my sewing foot like Miss Marmoset under the nit comb. I think a bit of bright perle quilting will finish this nicely.
These English Paper Pieced stars are slowly coming along too. This project is definitely a happily meandering journey rather than a determination to finish and show. I think that rather than attempting to stick to any particular colour scheme it will just be a record of what’s in my stash right now. There’s a few prints I wouldn’t use again that are too large for the diamonds, but I don’t dislike them enough to be bothered unpicking them all.
Finally there was a big planting week last week and whilst I’m eagerly awaiting buds and shoots appearing the hyacinths a filling the garden with their heady scent.


Wishing you all a wonderful Easter break,

Thanks for reading,

3 thoughts on “The end of term report

  1. Gorgeous work, Helen! The cushion is fabulous – I love the whole combination of patchwork/applique/brights and linen, really gorgeous. The stars quilt is going to be so pretty too. Handsewing is perfect for picking up and putting down when small people need attention.

    Enjoy the holidays!

    PS it never occurred to me to starch the wayward linen, so thanks for that tip!

  2. Ah! Thing One and Thing Two! I love them… Your little cushion top is GORGEOUS Helen, I love the colours, and the combo of solids and pattern and neutrals. Fab! And I so relate to the Animal Encyclopaedias and Atlases which are very popular reading here too. And I love your diamond stars – so pretty.

  3. Thank you both so much for the lovely comments! I’m now in love with linen having always avoided it until now!

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