WIP Crackaway

To the tune of Whip Crackaway from Calamity Jane:

Oh the Dresden Plate is coming right over the hill,
And the tiny-wee hexies are collecting and bugging me still,
Quilt top finished last March


still hasn’t seen light of day,

So! WIP crackaway WIP crackaway WIP crackaway!

Thanks for reading,


3 thoughts on “WIP Crackaway

  1. hehe I have been cracking through my wip today!!
    I think that said I really only have one right now…amazing!!

    Your teeny hexagons are a worry!!

  2. One WIP!? Now that’s impressive! My teeny hexagons are indeed a worry, and I have had to call a temporary halt to them whilst I gather some tiny applique needles and wait for sunlight to appear to stitch them again!

  3. Of course there are always hexagons hanging about waiting to be made into something…but I've only got my flowering snowball as a wip which is quite crazy. I think I just wanted to finish projects this year! I am actually sitting here pondering my next project…now that never happens!!

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