Bring on Spring

I refuse to cower in the face of winter any more. I’m resolutely stitching blossoms in the hope that spring will get the hint and turn up properly. Inspired by pictures like these…

If this seems overly simplistic you’ll be relieved to hear it’s not without some pain on my part. I’m trying to recreate the blossom with these teeny-tiny hexies and a mix of all the pinks and off-whites I have in my stash. The hexies themselves are 1.25 centimetres across (that’s a penny there for scale). I have some very short appliqué pins which are great for pinning – but still have my large, cumbersome, sausage-like fingers which really aren’t helping at all. This isn’t going to be a huge project, but it’s requiring more patience than Miss Marmoset’s entirely hand-pieced and quilted quilt! 


The plan is to position the hexies first then stitch the tree after the blossom is appliquéd. I have a variety of perle 8s to use for the trunk and branches. We’ll see how this one goes over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading,

3 thoughts on “Bring on Spring

  1. Thank you! Progress is slow (due to finger stabbage) but steady. I’m working my way through Miss Marmoset’s Disney Princess plaster collection for this cushion!

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