The House of Poorly Poppets

This has not been a vintage week chez HappyPlace. It started with Miss Marmoset taking a tumble at school, firstly I had a call from her teacher telling me not to worry about the enormous shiner she’d managed to acquire, followed ten minutes later by a call from the first aider advising that she suspected a fractured cheekbone and could I pick her up and take her to A&E? You can imagine I moved pretty quickly. We were fortunate, she’d only (quite dramatic) bruising but no fracture. As it is she looks like the toughest four year-old in Kent. To follow this drama she promptly developed a fever on Saturday which was an ear infection by Monday. Barbary Boy, who hates missing out, responded to all the kerfuffle by pretty much exploding on Monday evening. As a result this week is running almost entirely on Calpol and Cbeebies and has involved a lot of stories, colouring and endless, endless laundry.

However there are some colourful moments amongst the gloom, my last Christmas present arrived today and I can see there are lots of projects in it that I’m going to want to make. I love Zakka style, I love the look of natural linen with bright cotton prints. Simple, practical and lovely.
I’ve also started a madly scrap-happy quilt which I think might be a bit beyond my technical skills, but still, stretching yourself is important right? I love the look of the quilts in the Material Obsession books, but felt a bit intimidated by them. Quite why I’ve decided to chuck myself in with a really technical one to start with I can’t explain, but I’ve fallen in love with this Maple Leaf Rag quilt and want one of my very own.
So far I’ve made about 35 of the crazy patchwork kites, only another 100 to go – and that’s before I have to start on the spider webs! This is going to be a long haul, but that’s fine, I’ll merrily occupy myself other mini projects rather than slaving over one quilt. It’s going to require a huge number of scraps for variety – if any other stitchy types reading this fancy a scrap swap do let me know, I’ve got plenty I’d be happy to exchange!
Did I mention that we were nearly over winter last time? Tsk – when will I learn? *head desk head desk* Let’s all hope Siberia would like its weather back really soon, hmm?

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6 thoughts on “The House of Poorly Poppets

  1. Well, I have loads of scraps if you want to come and have a rummage. Ooh, and bring that book with you – it’s on my amazon wish list so would love to have a peek before shelling out! Hope the kids are on the mend now – although I suspect they had the right idea staying in this week, it’s soooo cold! xxx

  2. Isn’t it grim? They are on the mend I think – or rather we’ve reached the end of my nursing patience, which is normally the point I declare them well and pack them off to school whether they are or not 😉 I will definitely take you up on a scrap rummage and bring Zakka with me. Can I pay you in cake?!

  3. Ooh yes, cake is always good!  (chocolate or lemon are my faves – hint, hint!)Am feeling much in need of cake at the mo – we had our assessment on Wednesday and Joe “fits the criteria” for a dx of ADHD.  He was borderline on some of the points so I think he is, once again, at the milder end of the scale.  Am still waiting for meeting with senco and head – have chased but no response so far, bloody unprofessional imho.  P & I have discussed and decided we don’t want to medicate at this stage so need to wait and see what the school have to say about it.  So still very much in limbo.  How did you get on?  Did you make it to your appointment or did the snow/illness scupper things?    Hope you have a lovely half term anyway, and we must get together after – I think I need a sewing buddy to get me actually doing some again!Take careR xxFrom: Posterous [mailto:

  4. Oooh Helen, that sounds like a stressful week! It’s horrible when they’re hurt or poorly. The call from school scenario is always horrible! I hope everyone is well and healed now!

    I love the look of that zakka book, so pretty. Have you made anything from it yet? I also repinned your quilt picture – it’s just stunning! Would love to make something like that myself.

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