WIP Crackaway

To the tune of Whip Crackaway from Calamity Jane:

Oh the Dresden Plate is coming right over the hill,
And the tiny-wee hexies are collecting and bugging me still,
Quilt top finished last March


still hasn’t seen light of day,

So! WIP crackaway WIP crackaway WIP crackaway!

Thanks for reading,


Good day Blues

So today is a good day – a lovely day in fact. The first ‘look no coat’ day since October and the feeling of real warmth is blissful especially after the Siberian blasts of cold we’ve had recently. 

It’s a great day for my first quilt finish of the year, the blue and red patchwork from last summer, finally backed quilted and the binding stitched down this afternoon. I hope it’s intended little recipient (and his Mum!) like it. All the fabrics featured come from my stash, there are a couple from a Christmas collection, the gingham comes from a French market a couple of summers ago, the rest are either 1930’s style feedsack prints or Liberty prints picked up from the V&A Quilt exhibition. It’s fair to say there really isn’t much blue left – ah well, another reason to shop!
So lovely to see a bit of spring bulb action appearing here and there, I have some sweet peas waiting to germinate indoors, I can’t wait to get properly going in the garden again.


Hope spring is finding it’s way to you too. Thanks for reading,

Bring on Spring

I refuse to cower in the face of winter any more. I’m resolutely stitching blossoms in the hope that spring will get the hint and turn up properly. Inspired by pictures like these…

If this seems overly simplistic you’ll be relieved to hear it’s not without some pain on my part. I’m trying to recreate the blossom with these teeny-tiny hexies and a mix of all the pinks and off-whites I have in my stash. The hexies themselves are 1.25 centimetres across (that’s a penny there for scale). I have some very short appliqué pins which are great for pinning – but still have my large, cumbersome, sausage-like fingers which really aren’t helping at all. This isn’t going to be a huge project, but it’s requiring more patience than Miss Marmoset’s entirely hand-pieced and quilted quilt! 


The plan is to position the hexies first then stitch the tree after the blossom is appliquéd. I have a variety of perle 8s to use for the trunk and branches. We’ll see how this one goes over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading,

The House of Poorly Poppets

This has not been a vintage week chez HappyPlace. It started with Miss Marmoset taking a tumble at school, firstly I had a call from her teacher telling me not to worry about the enormous shiner she’d managed to acquire, followed ten minutes later by a call from the first aider advising that she suspected a fractured cheekbone and could I pick her up and take her to A&E? You can imagine I moved pretty quickly. We were fortunate, she’d only (quite dramatic) bruising but no fracture. As it is she looks like the toughest four year-old in Kent. To follow this drama she promptly developed a fever on Saturday which was an ear infection by Monday. Barbary Boy, who hates missing out, responded to all the kerfuffle by pretty much exploding on Monday evening. As a result this week is running almost entirely on Calpol and Cbeebies and has involved a lot of stories, colouring and endless, endless laundry.

However there are some colourful moments amongst the gloom, my last Christmas present arrived today and I can see there are lots of projects in it that I’m going to want to make. I love Zakka style, I love the look of natural linen with bright cotton prints. Simple, practical and lovely.
I’ve also started a madly scrap-happy quilt which I think might be a bit beyond my technical skills, but still, stretching yourself is important right? I love the look of the quilts in the Material Obsession books, but felt a bit intimidated by them. Quite why I’ve decided to chuck myself in with a really technical one to start with I can’t explain, but I’ve fallen in love with this Maple Leaf Rag quilt and want one of my very own.
So far I’ve made about 35 of the crazy patchwork kites, only another 100 to go – and that’s before I have to start on the spider webs! This is going to be a long haul, but that’s fine, I’ll merrily occupy myself other mini projects rather than slaving over one quilt. It’s going to require a huge number of scraps for variety – if any other stitchy types reading this fancy a scrap swap do let me know, I’ve got plenty I’d be happy to exchange!
Did I mention that we were nearly over winter last time? Tsk – when will I learn? *head desk head desk* Let’s all hope Siberia would like its weather back really soon, hmm?

Thanks for reading,