Cometh the hour – cometh the cushions

I think I might be ever so slightly over cushions now. I’m up to four in three weeks – which is a fair amount for me and doesn’t include the couple of goes I’m too embarrassed to show. 

The first two were intended to use up some scraps and match the coin quilt I finished a year ago. The quilt is currently in residence as winter’s sofa snuggle throw, I had enough fabric left to make a couple of cushions to go with it. They had been on my to-do list for a while but finally here they are. 

Normally I’m against soft-furnishings being too matchy-matchy; but frankly, when you live in rented accommodation, having a corner of at least one room look as if you really meant it and aren’t just doing your best with what you were given because you’re not allowed to make changes becomes much more appealing. 
Next up is this little snowdrop cushion made from a pattern in Suzuko Koseki’s Playful Patchwork. This is a completely new approach to hand-piecing for me – it certainly made the usual English paper-piecing I do seem incredibly straightforward. It’s not perfect by any means but I’m fairly happy with it now. I can’t lie at times the most playful part of this patchwork involved trying to find it again after I’d hurled it across the room in frustration. However I did resolve to tackle some new skills this year and this is part of it. I wouldn’t be too daunted to do some more projects from this book, there are some really gorgeous things in there. Still as it stands this little 12″ cushion sums up January for me; shy little snowdrops peeping up against a bullet grey sky with a zing of marmalade orange (one batch made so far) and the occasional slice of icy blue sky to provide a bit of colour. Please note the hand-quilting, I’ve never quilted so densely before but I really enjoyed it – must get a thimble though, I’ve now got the calluses of a guitar player.
I’m glad there’s a bit more light in the evenings now – and I’m glad January’s nearly over in just about 4 weeks we can officially say Spring is nearly here!

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2 thoughts on “Cometh the hour – cometh the cushions

  1. I have looked at that cushion pattern lots of times and thought about making it… you have made such a lovely job of it, it’s gorgeous. Your hand quilting is just beautiful.

  2. Thanks Ali – it’s a really satisfying thing to get done, I will definitely do more small projects from the book, I think the quilt might push me over the edge!

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