Skillz and Selfish Sewing


One of my many New Year resolutions is to start sewing a bit more for myself. I've made a few things over the last last couple of years – but not many of them get to stay in the house. Not only that, but when I'm sewing for other people, I tend to play it very safe. I make things that I know will work and don't really challenge myself. This year that has to change I need to wiggle out of my ever-so-ever-so cosy stitching comfort zone and start tackling some essential skillz. 

So how am I planning on scaling this mountain of ambition? Why through the medium of cushion covers – naturally. 

Y'see as well as tackling new skills, (trickier piecing, curves and – dare I? – even free motion quilting), I need to go back to basics and start again, again – if you see what I mean. I'm not happy with binding, or fabric choices, or basting, or pressing, piecing and most other things. The cushion cover at least works like a mini-quilt, so I can practise the basics over and over as well try some more challenging blocks.

This week's cushion cover was the first attempt – mainly with trying to work with different colours than I normally head for. Purple, I've decided, is a bit like Campari for me. I can handle a little bit – but it needs to come with a generous quantity of mixers. Also, talk about the need to go back to the beginning, look who stitched the binding on backwards – gah! Overall I'm happier with this than my other attempt to make a purple cushion cover last week – it was hideous. Normally I'm all in favour of bloggers showing their disasters – but trust me – this was hanging. And I don't want to put you off your dinner.

In praise of selfish sewing, although Miss Marmoset has since snaffled this pillow, the next one will be mine, MINE, I tell you!

4 thoughts on “Skillz and Selfish Sewing

  1. Your cushion is beautiful and I think the little touches of purple are perfect! By the way, I’m pretty confident with binding now (even if I do say so myself!) so I’d be very happy to help you out with that – give me a shout if you fancy coming over for a “lesson” (and I’ll throw in plenty of tea and cake too!)

  2. Oh that’s very gorgeous.. I love it. And I love your Campari comparison. 😀 All the very best with your skill-tackling.

  3. Thank you lovely ladies! Rachel I will definitely take you up on that offer – most of binding is fine – it’s the joining the ends that always has me sobbing in frustration!

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