End of the summer

The weather today is very autumnal. Yesterday was glorious, warm, sunny, beautiful light etc etc, but today if feels as if the seasons are operated by light switch with summer being turned off at 9.30 last night and the autumn clicked on instead. Maybe it’ll help get the children used to school starting again, even Barbary Boy might consider school a better option than being cooped up in the house all day.

It’s been a good holiday, although I wish the house move might have happened before school broke up as there was a lot of house moving stuff going on when the weather was at its best. We also haven’t had a holiday, which I don’t mind too much, but there haven’t been as many days out as I’d normally plan in the holidays either so I feel as if we all really need a change of scenery; oh well, next year definitely.

This is an odd time of year for me, I always feel a bit sad at this time of year, as although I might moan a bit, I love having the monkeys around all day. The don’t-have-to-be-anywhere-we-don’t-want-to-be-days, the later evenings, the pottering about; I love all that. Give it a few weeks when I’ve got used to the routine again and I’ll remember just how much I love Autumn instead…just in time for half-term no doubt!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer, here are a few bits and pieces from ours.

Thanks for reading,



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