At last school is out, and as expected, despite having to be dragged protesting from their beds at 8am for the last week of term, the monkeys are up like excited meerkats at 6.30 since school officially finished. It’s as much fun as it sounds, what age does the concept of the snooze-in kick in? So we have 6 weeks ahead of adventures, trips to the seaside, the ‘crunchyside’, castles, safari parks and yes, the small matter of a house move to squeeze in. But we won’t dwell on that today. For today the sun shines and I can reflect on the last couple of bits and pieces I’ve been working on. I can see I’m not going to get anywhere near my sewing machine over the next few weeks.

These scrappy dappy doo coasters are addictive little things to run up. The pattern comes from Natural Patchwork again, just like the tea cosy. They are a great use of old wadding and scraps. I can see me churning out a lot of these in the future. I’ve used cotton wadding for both these and the tea cosy, I’d love to make some pot holders but I think I’ll wait to get some Insul-bright wadding for those.


This is a little sneak peak of a lovely new baby boy’s quilt I’m working on. I’m hoping to give it as a Christmas gift this year, so this is the first and last show of it I can make until the New Year. I really like all the blues and bits of red together like this, and yes it’s all from the stash. There’ll hardly be a blue left to play with by the time this is finished!


Thanks for reading,


4 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Love the colours you’re using – red and blue has been a mild obsession for me lately: nautical/summery/masculine. The coasters are great. Nice idea. Does cotton wadding wash OK?

  2. Thanks Eirlys, yes the cotton washes a treat, it might shrink a little but not enough to spoil the coaster 🙂

  3. Perfect! I’m wanting to experiment with various battings/waddings and these would seem a good place to begin. You have some lovely fabrics there.

  4. What lovely things! I really like that red & blue combo for the quilt. Insul-bright is on my wishlist for potholders too. 🙂

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