A grand day out

Just recently my parents holidayed in Kent, not with us, for which I don’t blame them one teeny bit, but on the other side of Kent, near Faversham, a good hour or so’s drive from us. Naturally we still went over for a visit. It turns out they were staying in a converted worker’s cottage set in an old orchard. Surrounded by beautiful fruit trees all dripping with ripening fruit after the amazingly warm and dry spring we enjoyed this year.

It was a day for going for country walks, climbing trees,


and wondering just how old this ancient Elm might be.*


Also a day for picking this huge pot of dark and sweet cherries from the orchard, the best I’ve ever tasted.


Then admiring the plums and apples and even a fruit I’ve never seen in real life before; medlars. Like quince this is the kind of fruit I usually think of as being a really Victorian ingredient. They are, to put it mildly, well ‘ard. The key time to eat them is when they’re practically falling in on themselves, this can take a very long time. But I’d love to have a go at cooking with them, I’ve got a great looking medlar jelly recipe I’d love to try.


So far all attempts to persuade my parents to rent the cottage again in ooh, mid-September have fallen on deaf ears. I’ll keep plugging away at them!

Thanks for reading,

*the ancient elm turned out to be up to be possibly up to 1,000 years old according to this website, the kind of geeky history site I love!


3 thoughts on “A grand day out

  1. Wow – all that lovely fruit! You have to keep working on your parents… ! I am very pleased that my plum tree is looking just like your picture. I also have a new quince tree with 3 (count them!) quinces on it… I wont tell you about my experiments with medlars…

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