Small potatoes

As ever, when a quilt gets finished I have a couple of palate cleansing smaller projects before I start another. Here is Miss Marmoset’s new PE kit bag. She is thrilled with it – ‘it’s soooo PINK!!’ – and I think it’s nice for her to have a little homemade with love stuff with her when she starts school this autumn. It’s also good because it helps make a dent in that incredibly violent shade of pink linen that I bought from an online sale last year. A learning experience, I bought a metre of so of pink linen to make some summer clothes for Miss M and some green linen to make shorts for Barbary Boy. I didn’t check the width of the linen in either case, so imagine my surprise when the fabric I’d bought turned out to be wider than long. The pink was too pink and the green, well, completely the wrong weight for summer clothes, I could’ve run up a waterproof tent from it. Anyhoodle the lesson was learnt – it’s best to buy linen in person, when you can really check the colour and weight. Barbary Boy’s PE kit bag is next, it’ll be made out of black denim, which I also bought from the same sale…


The second little item is a bath mat put together out of a heap of hexagons and a very old, and therefore very absorbent, hand towel. I’d made heaps of hexies out of these autumnal colours, but lost the love for them. They got relegated to bath mat status and while there are enough left to do another, I’m starting to wonder, can patchwork really take over an entire house? Should I give it a go?



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One thought on “Small potatoes

  1. Rather nice! That bag is certainly pink…. And I like your hexies too… very charming, and useful too. That always works for me..

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