Finally over the finish line…

Finished, finished, finished! I am so pleased to see this little quilt done. I don’t know why this project started to feel like a penance I had to finish, but by the end I was so glad to sew the last of the binding down. I still love the pattern, still like the fabrics, still want a huge quilt one day, but should that glorious day arrive, I’ll be treating myself to a longarm quilting finish!

The quilting was definitely the hardest part, not in terms of technical difficulty, unless you count spacing safety pins appropriately throughout as a technical difficulty, but in terms of my patience….eesh, it was quite a challenge.


Things I have learned:

1) It is fun to challenge yourself with a trickier new pattern.
2) Knowing how you feel about quilting is as important to the finished quilt as the design/style you actually go for. I’m not sure I’d straight line quilt so densely again by machine, but I might instead go halves with some hand quilting – which I love to do.
3) Klona cotton rocks – stays beautifully firm during piecing, almost as if it had been starched, and then nicely drapy after it’s washed.
4) When a project starts to feel like a penance – it’s a good idea to have a smaller one to hand, I have made Miss Marmoset a PE bag for when she starts school next September. I’d show you today, but so far it cannot be prised out of her small, but surprisingly strong grasp. It was nice to have something simple I could definitely do to turn to when my quilty confidence was starting to dip and the OhSoddits were creeping in. Anyone else suffer from OhSoddits from time to time? I’m thinking of starting a support group.
5) Binding and me; we need to work on our relationship.


Still, I’m happy with the Triple Irish Chain now, not least because it’s only the second thing I’ve made that I get to keep!

Thanks for reading,


4 thoughts on “Finally over the finish line…

  1. Thank you Ruth! Lovely to meet you too 🙂 The Brit Quilt group is fab isn’t it? So many lovely new blogs to peruse!

  2. Yes – now I've discovered the group I'm not sure when I'll fit anything else in – including sewing! Everyone seems so friendly too!Hope you're having a great week.:-)Ruth x

  3. It look beautiful, Helen! Great job. Oh yes, I get the Ohsodits all the time!!
    Rachel x
    (PS. Wondering if you’re free on Mon18th July?)

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