Long Days Short Years

Yesterday was Miss Marmoset’s 4th birthday. As always on my children’s birthdays I’m amazed that a whole year had gone by since the last one, and then amazed again when I look at pictures of the previous year’s birthday at how much they have changed in 12 months. Yesterday was lovely, Miss Marmoset enjoyed her presents and was a happy and well-mannered monkey all day, including her party where she played beautifully with all her friends. However, it’s not without a touch of poignancy, you see now my baby is 4 I have to finally concede that the baby years are now over. I am a little bit sad, although I should be clear, not sad enough to say ‘sleep, schmeep, let’s do it all over again’!


Still I look back on the monkeys baby pictures and wonder, really where does the time go? I’ve always maintained that parenting is all long days/short years, but still I could never have imagined it could whizz along like this. That being said I can remember looking at Miss M on this picture and wonder what her personality would be like. I’ve adored finding out what a funny, kind, curious, stubborn and loving little girl she is and glad I didn’t know then that at 4 she still wouldn’t be sleeping through the night 3 nights out of 7!


A kiss to my little miss and I’ll leave you with a poem by Derek Mahon that really speaks to me as a parent, maybe it chimes with you too?

For the days are long –
From the first milk van
To the last shout in the night,
An eternity. But the weeks go by
Like birds; and the years, the years
Fly past anti-clockwise
Like clock hands in a bar mirror.

Thanks for reading,


3 thoughts on “Long Days Short Years

  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Marmoset! I love the way she has just the same smile in her baby pic and birthday photo. You’re very right about the long days/short years sentiment too – I can’t believe how fast it goes.

  2. Lovely pictures. I’m glad Miss M had a good birthday. Thanks for sharing that lovely poem, it bought a tear to my eye.

  3. Thank you both for commenting! I’m amazed that’s she’s starting school this September, must try to fill this summer with as many adventures as possible! Happy Days! xx

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