Fancy a cuppa?

Nothing like settling down with a cup of tea and a new book is there? The decision to buy Natural Patchwork was based solely on the cover, which is unusual for me as I don’t really have all that many sewing books. I always figure that given how generous so many bloggers are with their tutorials why would you need to?


However, the book called to me and I had to have it. I expecially had to have the tea cosy on the cover. It’s scraptastic – and always pleasing when something you’ve made bears at least a passing resemblance to the original. However I did find some of the instructions confusing so I think I will have to take another swing at this some other time. The cosy works, but it is a little rougher around the edges than I’d like. It’s also a very snug cosy. That however could be down to the size of my tea pot, which is large. In fact when I consider how much tea gets glugged back in this house it’s possible what I really need is an urn cosy, possibly even a barrell cosy. But still there are plenty other projects in this book I’d love to make, including this Octagon pieced bag, I know octagons. I’m now squeaking with the excitement only other quilters could understand.


There is though I feel an entire blog post that could be written on the subject of styling in craft books. One page lovely, fresh, inviting, the next, well I do hope this very pretty lady was paid handsomely for this!


It’s been a fun sewing week I have a few more bits and pieces on the go, but best of all was meeting a fellow blogger. A few weeks ago I joined the Brit Quilt group on Flickr. There’s some amazingly talented quilt makers in the group and one of them, Rachel of Contented, lives in the next town to me! We met up for a coffee and a natter. It was great to meet a fellow quilter (I don’t know many in real life) and it turns out we have lots in common to chat about! Hoping there’ll be future stitch and bitch sessions to be sure!


One thought on “Fancy a cuppa?

  1. Your teacosy looks lovely! Stitch & bitch sessions sound fun too – I wonder if we could round up some more Brit Quilters? Hope to see you again soon!
    R x

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