Easter Holidays


Wow this has been a long holiday hasn't it? The weather has been unusually glorious which means we've had heaps of days out, adventures and picnics. It's been lovely but I think we're all ready for the routine to return to normal. Back to school and nursery for the monkeys from tomorrow, time for the lovely Kiwi and I to start searching for a new place to live. Our landlady is selling the house we're in now, which is fine we aren't heartbroken by any means, but the prospect of moving always makes my heart sink to my boots. Also twenty-five house viewings with two small people to entertain/tidy-up after is a quick trip to bonkersville (clutching a jiffy cloth and kitchen spray). So I think I'll just keep browsing through our Easter holiday pictures for a bit longer still. All stitchery/crafty stuff has come to almost a complete halt for the last few weeks. Hopefully I will get going again over the next week or so.

How was your Easter?

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2 thoughts on “Easter Holidays

  1. Loved the Easter weather but could have done without Other Half spraining his ankle…! Sorry to hear about you having to move – there’s nothing worse than all that packing. Good luck with finding somewhere lovely to live.

  2. Our Easter was great- like you I am now pouring over the photos…. hopefully you might find something in the post soon to help the stitching drought šŸ˜‰

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