Let’s hear it for sunshine!

It chases (hopefully) the longest winter of coughs, colds and lurgies away and makes lovely things appear in my garden…

like apple blossom…








even the strawberries have got going a lot earlier this year. Barbary Boy has promised me with his most solemn expression that he hasn’t forgotten what happens to small boys who try to eat twice their own body weight in green strawberries. The bees are here, at least three types of honey bee spotted so far and this slightly unusual visitor:


seriously, have you ever seen a white spider before? This is the the kind of sight that has me scurrying to Google very quickly indeed. I’m always suspicious that the South of England is being colonised by foreign bugs – I’ve never got over a conversation with a grocer who told me it was really common for black widow spiders to appear in banana imports, eep! However, Blanche, as I named her turned out to be a Crab Spider. A native of these isles with an unusual talent for turning herself the colour of her background, as long as the background is white, brown or black. The monkeys were once more allowed to venture forth.


Happy Easter everyone, hope spring is bringing light and colour into your life! Conversely if it’s autumn where you are (there seem to have been some recent visits from Down Under!) then again hope the season is bringing some beautiful colours your way too.

Thanks for reading,


5 thoughts on “Let’s hear it for sunshine!

  1. Lovely pics of forget-me-nots and lilac! The torrential rain since then should help to fill out those strawberries.

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