The dilettante crafter

This is possibly what I should have called this blog in the first place. I can’t seem to settle down and finish any project at the moment, just keep on starting new ones.

For instance there’s this Liberated Wedding Ring quilt (still not keen on that name) two-thirds done I think. A few days push and this would be done but then I got distracted by…

this quilt top, the one I couldn’t really ‘feel’ way back in the depths of January. It’s all run up and the backing bought, I would start basting and hand quilting if I hadn’t spent time on the Fat Quarterly blog and started running these up instead…

only the best part of a year after every other FQ reader did this quilt-along, still better late than never, it’s not complicated and won’t take long, or wouldn’t do if I hadn’t been distracted by these…

Loopy knitted scarves, which I started churning out because it’s impossible to keep a scarf on Miss Marmoset without practically throttling her with it. Which I’ve never done obviously, not even been tempted, no, not even the time she lost two brand new ones in a week. So these are just simple scarves knitted in chunky yarn and then the ends stitched together. They won’t fly off, or require throttle action to keep them on.

So with all this going on quite why I’ve pulled all the fabric required to start another two quilts is something I can’t explain as I’d love to get cracking on these too. Enough! I’m off to give myself a stern talking to.

Thanks for reading,



4 thoughts on “The dilettante crafter

  1. Oh the excitement of a new project! Irresistible… I might follow your lead and take some pics of all my unfinished projects tomorrow. I bet I can find more than yours!!

  2. I’d love to see all your unfinished projects Ali! Although this isn’t all of my WIPS, just the ones niggling my conciousness the most at the moment!

  3. Hi Helen, spotted you on the Brit Quilts group so thought I’d pop over to say Hi – I’m in Kent too! All your projects look fab!
    Rachel x

  4. lol! You have a lot on the go! So far I just seem to have 2 projects on the go… Which isn’t bad I think! Love your projects you’re working on, they’re gorgeous!!

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