Well hello Spring

Finally, FINALLY!! Spring is here!!! Sooo pleased to see it too. Today Miss Marmoset and I actually spent time outdoors sans coats. The fact that we both had, thermal vests, long Ts and thick cardies on is really neither here nor there. Coat-free for the first time since, oooh, 2008? Feels like it anyway.

I have had a bit of a hiatus from sewing, very tight tense shoulders were making sewing a bit tricky. I don’t know why all this upper back stuff happens to me, actually that’s a lie I know very well it’s down to flaking out with tiredness at 11pm to get up again at 2am, 4am and then finally at 7.30. Sleeping awkwardly, carrying overtired small people around and general wear and tear. So this week has seen a welcome return to the slicing, dicing, placing, planning and piecing to start a new quilt. I’m using this brilliant tutorial from Little Miss Shabby. Apparently it’s called a Liberated Wedding Ring design, which maybe just my mucky mind but does that have any ‘car keys in the bowl’ connotations to anyone else? I think I may have to call this something else. Anyway the colours are happy and spring-like and a whole lot more pink than I usually go, I can see this being ‘liberated’ by Miss M when it’s finally finished.

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One thought on “Well hello Spring

  1. I know *exactly* why you have upper back problems too. You have young children! So tough on the back. Nobody can follow all the lifting rules with real little people and their real little situations For example: would you carry a little person with a full nappy a) close to your body? b) at arm’s length? Stupid question? Yeah, it makes perfect sense that you’ve thrown something out.

    Do get some kind of physio help, by hook or by crook. Nag your doctor. Osteopathy can be good, though my upper back (well, neck) problem responded brilliantly and instantaneously to Chiropractic. I also tried some Alexander Technique to improve my posture which I *think* helped. Hard to tell. Do make a noise, though. The good news is that things tend to rectify eventually. I haven’t had those problems for years (kids now 16 and 11 and now carrying me…).

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