Christchurch earthquake

Apologies for the time between blog posts, it’s been half term which is usually a week that relies on total team co-operation for it to be a success. Alas this time one of the team let us down, yes I’m looking at you Mother Nature. We’ve been stuck with winter for far too long now, and although I know grey is a big colour this year, I’ve seen enough of it now. Bring on spring.

Of course half way through the holidays the dreadful news of the Christchurch earthquake appeared. As you can imagine the lovely Kiwi (who is from ChCh) spent a fairly frantic day tracking down loved ones. We’ve been fortunate all our friends and family were fine, although some have sustained serious damage to their homes and one has lost their house completely. All the same clearly they’re the lucky ones. I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose your home like that, also in many cases to lose your place of work or business.
Christchurch is a beautiful place, I’ve always thought of it as being a very graceful city. Not in the slightly old-fashioned way it’s often represented, but in the way its Victorian Gothic architechture has blended seamlessly with striking modern buildings. The juxtaposition of the Cathedral with the Modern Art Gallery was a perfect example of this, the old and new sitting so comfortably alongside each other in a way that so few cities have succesfully achieved. With that in mind, the loss of the Cathedral is a real shame.

However, I firmly believe that people are more important than things. It’s Christchurch’s people my heart really goes out to. Naturally the Red Cross have an appeal which you can donate to here. Anyone who is interested in buying beautiful hand made items to raise money can go to Handmade for Christchurch. This is a group auctioning off handmade items on TradeMe, NZ’s main auction site. There are some beautiful things available like these:

Do have a look, could be a great way to get ahead for present buying and raise some money for a really worthwhile cause.

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One thought on “Christchurch earthquake

  1. So glad your lovely Kiwi’s family is OK. Handmade for Christchurch sounds like a great initiative – thanks for signposting. I’m reading this just after Japan has been stricken by an 8,000 x bigger quake than NZ (can’t get my head round these numbing figures) and am (a rarity) lost for words.

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