Days like this

The lovely Kiwi and I don’t really ‘do’ Valentine’s day. Partly because, it’s expensive, partly because most of the Valentine’s things in the shops are pretty naff, and partly because any union that’s 50% Kiwi and 50% Brummie is never going to be cloaked in sepia-tinted Casablanca-style romance. That being said there has been a small effort at spreading a little Valentine spirit. Brightly coloured felt hearts, chain-pieced and strung around the living room. Just to spread a little love, and remind me that one day I really must use those heart-shaped cookie cutters for some edible purpose.

Otherwise it’s been one of those weeks with lots going on, and yet very little to show for it, I have a few little projects in process; I’m attempting to knit for the first time in twenty-five years, and hopefully this cushion cover will come together this week.

I’ll leave you with Valentine’s Day best wishes and a link to the lovely Kiwi and my ‘song’; when no one steps on my dreams, there’ll be days like this, when people understand what I mean, there’ll be days like this… No one says it better than Van Morrison.

Thanks for reading – and listening!



4 thoughts on “Days like this

  1. You are like us, we celebrate our own way Valentine’s day, trying very hard not to fall in the commercial trap. Year ago, we were a bit short of money, so I decided to cook this amazing 3 course dinner. It was not a cheap dinner at all (when you include lobster in the menu you know that you have to spend the money!) it was great and it is one of the dinners that we will always remember. It has since become a bit of a tradition to eat Valentine’s dinner at home, and we sort of take all the time invested in sorting out menu, cooking and eating it as the present for each other… of course, I don’t get upset is I get flowers but in the last couple of years I haven’t got that lucky… maybe next Friday (we’re celebrating a bit late this year) I will get a surprise 😉

  2. Hi Helen

    Thankyou so much for the fabric scrap swap package I received yesterday. As soon as I started pulling the fabrics out I knew that you’d looked at my blog – the scraps are wonderful and so much appreciated. I had previously decided that I’d use the fabrics I received in the swap to challenge myself to make something predominantly from them. Many of them have already been cut to be included in the (eventual) I Spy quilt whilst I’m contemplating what to do with the others. Thankyou for the other bits and pieces too – I was thinking, just the other day, that I could do with some more pins so they are really useful.

    I did post a comment earlier but can’t see it now?

    Shelley xxx

  3. Hi Shelly,

    I’m so glad you liked the package, hope you can use the bits and pieces. Its been half term this week so I haven’t been anwhere near my blog in a while. Happy sewing!


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