Here comes the sun

Ooh what is that there, up in the sky? It’s bright, it gives off heat…could it be *gasps* the sun?!!

It’s been such a long time coming hasn’t it? This winter feels like it’s just gone on and on and on, maybe it’s because the snow came so early in the season last year, or maybe I say this every February when I’m just longing for Spring, but really the feeling of warmth on your face from the sun in late winter is like being kissed by angels. Or something, possibly that’s a vitamin D surge talking.

Today was the first really lovely day in weeks. To celebrate, Miss Marmoset and I set off on a troop around our local Forestry Commission site: Bedgebury Pinetum. If you’re in E Sussex/Kent and haven’t visited Bedgebury I can’t recommend it enough. It was almost empty today and so unusual to be in South-East England and not hear a soul or a car or a train etc etc. If you’re wondering why I picked a nice sunny day to attempt black and white photography it’s simple, the digital SLR that takes the best pics was not put on to charge when I made the mental note that it needed it. Thus I took the monkey’s little point and shoot, which is very handy, to say nothing of indestructable, but does take an odd ‘milky’ picture as you can see from the colour shots. I haven’t tried to compose photos in ages, it was something I loved to do before the small people appeared. Maybe I shall have to start again.

Bedgebury also provided a change of scene for a few snaps of a small project from this last week. One of my Christmas pressies was a Dresden Plate ruler, I’ve been really keen to have a play and see if I could produce a scrappy Dresden Plate. I have done, but what started as out as ‘pleasingly scrappy’ went all ‘woah Nelly’ at some slightly indefinable point. It’s all a bit much for a cushion cover I think, instead it’s been turned into a quilt for Miss Marmoset’s doll, Tallulah, who really, is in no position to argue. It’s almost big enough to be a stroller quilt for MM, and before you comment, that’s one of her more angelic expressions. I’m not discouraged though, next time I’ll try to keep it more subdued, the Dresden Plate, not the daughter.

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